Cigar Wars

Cigar Dojo has unveiled its newest feature – Cigar Wars! Never before has there been such an exciting (read: addicting) way to compare your favorite cigars. Cigar Wars is an exclusive feature in the Cigar Dojo app that creates random cigar battles, where users have the (not so) simple task of choosing which cigar they’d rather smoke. Each battle is automatically generated following a single tap, which makes for a near-endless quantity of cigar battle combinations! There’s no denying, this is the most addicting thing to hit cigars since nicotine! (pardon the pun…)

The most fun, addicting, realistic, and honest cigar rankings system ever created

Cigar Wars head to head cigar battle Cigar Wars app menu Cigar Wars app leaderboard by category

Never before have such a massive amount of cigar smokers had the power to vote on today’s hottest cigars. Cigar Wars removes the number system used by nearly every ratings/rankings system, asking a more realistic question—what would you rather smoke? Seriously, two random cigars are placed in front of you—your decision is more telling than an arbitrary numerical rating.

Cigar Wars then uses a complex algorithm (the same one used to rank chess players, in fact) to rank the cigars. Every cigar starts with 1400 points, and will steal or give points to other cigars as it wins or loses. The system takes into account whether a cigar is beating easy opponents (in which case it only gains a low amount of points) or challenging, heavy weight contenders (in which case it will gain a larger amount of points). This way, newly added cigars can quickly rise or fall through the rankings to their deserved spot on the ever-growing list of cigar competitors!

The Cigar Dojo app is the exclusive place to play Cigar Wars, simply open the app on iPhone or Android and navigate to Cigar Wars in the menu. New cigars are added every week, so the battles are always fresh and entertaining!