Cigar Bar and Lounge Locator App

Looking for a place where you can smoke and drink? That’s not as easy as it sounds these days, unless you have the Cigar Dojo app. We’ve hand-picked cigar bars and lounges across the globe to make your job easy. Because we enter every location by hand, we ensure quality, legitimate locations for you to enjoy.

Find your cigar bar

Locating the nearest cigar bar or lounge is easy, simply select the Cigar Bar tab and Cigar Dojo will automatically filter your results by cigar bars nearest you. You can also search your favorite locations or browse the globe using our cigar bar map.

Select your cigar bar and you are presented with all the info you need. Get directions, call the bar, and even check in – all at the touch of a button.

Cigar Dojo cigar bar map Cigar bar list Cigar bar app locator

Want your cigar bar or lounge added to Cigar Dojo? Contact us and we’ll be happy to include your bar free of charge.