Cigar Dojo app media kit

We offer advertising plans to fit any budget – local brick & mortar shops, online cigar outlets, cigar manufacturers, cigar accessories, and more. If you want cigar smokers to know your product, we’ve got you covered. Also make sure to checkout our Loyalty & Rewards program for brick & mortar cigar shops.

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Cigar Dojo is a revolutionary way to reach cigar enthusiasts

It’s the Twitter and Facebook for cigar lovers!

Never before has there been such a seamless, intuitive way to smoke and share cigars with fellow cigar fanatics across the world! Whether it’s advice on your next purchase, tips on how to store your cigars, or even suggestions on what drink pairs best with your cigar – Cigar Dojo is a cigar smokers go-to app. It’s all there, in one convenient location on your smartphone.

Cigar Dojo Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to create the most inviting, friendly, fun, informative cigar community in the world via the Cigar Dojo social app as well as the Cigar Dojo website. Cigar Dojo is a privately owned project and is not funded by any cigar retailer, manufacturer, or any other cigar business. Cigar Dojo is owned and operated by cigar lovers, for cigar lovers! It is our goal to be the social “hub” for cigar smokers around the world. Cigar Dojo is seeking advertising partners that share our passion and enthusiasm for uniting cigar enthusiasts across the world.

But don’t take our word for it…

Jonathan-Drew-Dojo-Shirt“I report that the Dojo is growing stronger daily, with new brothers in every city!”

– Jonathan Drew, Drew Estate

Abe Dababneh on Cigar Dojo“Blitzkrieg” is the word that comes to mind when I think about how The Cigar Dojo came into the Cigar industry Scene. Out of nowhere and in a very short time it has become the domineering site/app creating a following at an unprecedented rate. Our partnership with the Dojo has been exciting and most productive. It has a look and feel like no other site in the field.”

– Abe “Big Delicious” Dababneh, Smoke Inn

Erik Espinosa on Cigar Dojo“Cigar Dojo is the most vibrant and unique
cigar community in the world!
It’s the perfect place
to market our cigar line.”

– Erik Espinosa, Espinosa Cigars